KAWS TTokyo First exhibition Jigsaw Puzzles set of 5

KAWS TTokyo First exhibition Jigsaw Puzzles set of 5

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KAWS released a series of puzzles for his Tokyo First exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. KAWS released puzzles in his brown Separated, silver Holiday, brown Resting Place, brown Gone, and multi-colored Piranhas When You’re Sleeping models. Each puzzle consists of 100 pieces with the exception of Piranhas When You’re Sleeping which is a more difficult build with 1000 pieces.

Models & Sizes of each puzzle:

1) Brown Separated - 100 pieces puzzle

2) Silver Holiday - 100 pieces puzzle

3) Brown Resting Place - 100 pieces puzzle

4) Brown Gone - 100 pieces puzzle

5) Multi-colored Piranhas When You’re Sleeping - 1000 pieces puzzle

All puzzles come in separate unopened original boxes  

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